We use a "whole person" approach. That means we work with you to find out your particular wellness wants and needs. After a thorough consultation to find out about you a care plan specific to you is crafted. We respect and honour your time, take your health seriously, and will partner with you to achieve your health goals. 
No high pressure. No long term (or short term) contracts. No sales pitches. Just a simple and honest partnership. 


I'm Dr Helen. I could share with you bits and bites of history that led me down this wild and wonderful path to becoming a Chiropractor. I could share with you my personal experience with chiropractic, my reasoning for having my children adjusted from (essentially) birth, and I could also share stories, testimonials, research, and data about how and why chiropractic works. But I'm not going to. I'll leave it to you to discover how chiropractic can have impact in your own life.  Whether you’ve been wondering if chiropractic can help you, thinking you want to begin or resume chiropractic or wanting to try something different. Think of us!


I opened Tri-Chiropractic in 2000 with the sole intent to offer something different, unique and frankly… amazing. It worked. I’d be happy to sit down, knee to knee, and have a chat to see if we’d be a good fit!