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About Us

Dr. Helen adjusting a young boyDr. Helen Cox opened Tri-Chiropractic in 2000 to serve Lethbridge and the surrounding areas with natural health care. She graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1998 after having completed her studies as a single parent with two children. After, she took two years off to reconnect with her then-teenage daughters, later naming the practice in honor of their three-member family.

At our practice, we offer chiropractic care, massage therapy and custom-made orthotics to enhance your well-being. With a state-of-the-art approach and gentle techniques, we can help all ages reach their health goals.

Solutions for Pain and Staying Well

We’re here to provide chiropractic for you and your loved ones. Most of our practice members initially see us to get help with pain. They then see the incredible benefits of having regular chiropractic care in staying well and can choose to continue, though we never pressure you and always let you decide what you feel is best.

We can improve your spinal hygiene for your entire life much like brushing your teeth maintains your oral health. Additionally, Dr. Helen has a particular interest in neurodevelopmental disorders in adults and children.


Our Philosophy

The idea behind chiropractic is simple. Your life is experienced through your nervous system, which is responsible for the coordination of every function in the body. A subluxation interferes with the communication between the brain and body, which in turn affects the function of the body. With a chiropractic adjustment, this interference is removed so that you can experience life at your greatest capacity. It’s a simple idea that makes a remarkable impact!

Bring Your Entire Family

We have a special offer for families. You and every member of your immediate family can receive an examination and report of findings for $85 when seen within a two-week period. We believe everyone has the right to be checked by a chiropractor and to find out if they can benefit from what we do. There is no obligation to continue; we’ll simply provide you with a thorough evaluation and let you decide if you would like to proceed.

Contact us today to get started!

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