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Chiropractic Care

Everything in your life is experienced through your nervous system. Your heart beats, lungs breathe, digestion happens and more thanks to this all-important system. If there is interference present in the communication between your brain and body, it inhibits your life experience. As a chiropractor, Dr. Helen finds these areas of interference and removes them to restore the nerve flow in your body.

Just as you brush your teeth regularly so that you don’t get cavities, chiropractic ensures your spine and nervous system stay healthy.

Starting on Relieving Your Pain

If you’re in pain, we may recommend a higher frequency of visits at first so that we can relieve your discomfort and make the necessary corrections. We use a nerve function score with all testing performed run through an algorithm that gives you a number that represents your nervous system health.

As your score improves, we’ll reduce the frequency of your visits. If it worsens in times of stress, we may recommend more appointments. The decisions about your care, however, are always up to you.

Dr. Helen sees practice members who have a broad variety of needs, from newborns just hours old to those in their 90s. She particularly enjoys caring for those who have neurodevelopmental disorders.

No Bending, Twisting or Cracking

The primary adjusting technique used at our practice is SIGMA™. This computerized method involves you sitting comfortably in a chair. Sensors feel along your back to see how each vertebra of the spine is moving. A gentle correction is then made with the instrument. It’s painless and produces reliable, consistent results. The Activator® instrument is also available if needed.

Some people may feel unsure of what to expect when they visit the chiropractor for the first time. Often, another patient will volunteer to be adjusted while you watch. Dr. Helen will talk you through the adjustment before starting so that there are no surprises.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic! We offer convenient Saturday visits.


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