On-Line Scheduling

We would like to introduce you to our online scheduling system.
After you set up your personal account, you can schedule 
and view your appointments online 24/7 and sync your appointments to your online calendar.
The button below will connect you to our system where you can set up your username 
and password for your account.
If you have any questions, please contact us - we are happy to help!
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Appointment Types available for scheduling online:
Consult: Let's spend 15 minutes, knee to knee, to discuss any questions or concerns you may have before an Initial Assessment.
Initial Assessment: We review a detailed health history, your health concerns and goals. As well, Orthopedic, Neurologic evaluation to determine if Chiropractic may benefit you.
Adjustment: You've had your Initial Assessment and we're following a Treatment Plan.
Adjustment / RAPID-NFR: RAPID Neurofascial Reset is an incredibly effective treatment for pain. Available only after an Initial Assessment, if required.
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