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Custom Orthotics Lethbridge

If you have problems with back pain or poor posture, you may benefit from having custom-made orthotics. Available at Tri-Chiropractic, they are tailored to your particular needs and can assist you with correcting a variety of issues.
Feel on gait scanner

Could You Benefit From Orthotics?

Every new practice member at our practice has a gait scan to assess how their feet are moving and whether they’re affecting the biomechanics of the spine. If they can have a positive effect on how your body moves, we’ll explain it to you fully at the report of findings you receive on your second visit.

We won’t fit you for the orthotics, however, until your first re-evaluation since tremendous changes can occur in the initial stage of care. If we were to cast the orthotics right away, it might be based on an abnormal gait pattern you have due to pain. Instead, we’ll wait until the first phase of care has passed to do a follow-up gait scan and discuss whether you’d like to have orthotics fitted.

Fitted for Nearly Any Footwear

We work with The Orthotic Group. Your orthotics are created just for you in their laboratory, then sent back to us upon completion. We’ll fit them for you to ensure they do exactly what you need, and you can then wear them in any of your shoes.

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