Your First Visit


Great news! You can now complete your Personal Health History online. We will be happy to

forward you the link. Dr. Helen will use this information to further understand your current state

of  health.



You will meet with Dr. Helen to review your health history together as well. We’ll discuss both your

current state of health as well as your health goals. Plan to spend 60 minutes in the office.



We use state of the art technology to check the function of your nervous system.  If you have

questions, just ask.  One of the main rules here at Tri-Chiropractic is that the only dumb question is

the one you don’t ask, so… ASK AWAY!  The best place to have your questions answered is at the

Strategies for Healthy Living Workshop on the second Wednesday of each month from 6-6:30 where

you will learn how to regain the health you’ve lost; how to keep it once you find it; and how to know if

you’re a step or two away from a health break-through. And now, you’re able to attend the workshop

online, in the comfort of your own home.



WHEW…you will not be prodded, poked, or pricked like a pincushion.  You will receive a

Comprehensive Chiropractic Examination which aides Dr. Helen in understanding the cause of your

health challenge(s), to determine if chiropractic can help you, if she’ll accept you as a patient,

and to create your Customized Care Plan.



It may be necessary to take X-Rays of your spine to determine the severity and complexity of

the subluxation complex that is causing your problems, to rule out any pathology, and find

out what role the health of your spine will play in recovery.  To see is to know; not to see

is to guess.  Dr. Helen will NOT guess about your health!

Your Second Visit


During your second visit, Dr. Helen will share what she discovered about your health

based on your Consultation, Exams, Scans, and X-Rays (if they were taken).  From

there, she will provide your Customized Care Plan, which is the route for regaining

and keeping your health.  During that time she will also share ways in which you can

save money and improve recovery time.  Plan to spend 30-minutes at our office during this visit. 



You will be checked for vertebral subluxation (nerve disturbance) and if present

you’ll get adjusted.  It’s as simple as that.



We are honored to partner with you for optimum living! 

You’ve done the hardest thing already…you got here! 

It’s smooth sailing for you and you’re in the right place.